Monday, March 8, 2010

Dance Class Pictures

Dance classes are going well, praise God! The girls are working hard, learning new steps and their spring dances. This teacher is glad to be done choreographing the songs, and is now hoping that they remember all she teaches. :)

It's a joy to work with the girls each week. Unfortunately, there has been sickness going around. The day I took this picture, 3 of the 7 girls in the class were missing! I'm praying that the viruses will stop spreading soon!

So sweet. It thrills my heart to be called "Miss Anna," while reminding me of the responsibility I have to set a good example for these young ones.

This class is dancing to "We Fall Down," which talks about laying their crowns at the feet of Jesus. They are princesses - daughters of the King of Kings - and I try to impress in them the fact that, as daughters of God, we must be kind and serve others, and do everything for His glory.

There's 8 weeks until the recital, but things are coming along well. I look forward to spending two more months teaching these girls each week!