Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ballet II & III Fun Ballet Attire

Ballet III - Sophisticated Grace!
We tried some grande battements, but they blurred. :)

Ballet II - Growing Ballerinas!

Same thing, different view. :)
They don't feel like a big class until you line them up like this!

Ballet IV and V Fun Ballet Attire Pictures

Fun Ballet Attire Pictures!!

Ballet V

We all wanted to wear pajama pants except Abi :-) She wanted to be a pretty ballerina!

Ballet IV
Yes, they are this awesome all the time... :-)

Beautiful girls!

With teachers! We have all become such good friends over the year!

Fun Ballet Attire - Pointe

Three girls had to leave before we took pictures, but the rest had fun with their poses!

Of course, you have to take a pretty picture en pointe. =)

Fun Ballet Attire Day!! Basic 2 and Wee classes

Fun Ballet Attire Day!

Basic 2

With Miss Miriam, Miss Kaitlyn, and Miss Katherine
And... they make the best faces ever :-)

Wee 1

With Miss Miriam and Miss Alida
Love these girls!!

Wee 2

With Miss Miriam and Miss Katherine
Aren't we awesome?? ;-)

Wee 3 

With Miss Miriam and Miss Katherine
I think they got into it!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Class Color Day! Ballet II, III, & IV

Ballet II

Ballet III - I forgot to take the picture until the end of class, so we're missing a student!

Ballet IV