Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Waited for Love, and It Was Worth It

  This past Saturday, January 26th, our beloved sister, teacher, and friend attended a wedding. To be specific, her wedding. The wedding.

  Anna Lofgren (Wolfe) has touched more lives than any other single person I know. She's been the role model for many, many girls, myself included. She is truly a 1 Timothy 4:12 example, living this season of her life here to the fullest, as well as preparing for the next season diligently and faithfully. We will miss her so much...

  As my friends and I watched her walk down the aisle, we just cried... not as much for her going, though the sadness lingers, but because we had seen her anticipation and faithfulness in waiting for the man God had prepared for her, and we knew how full of joy she was at that moment. Every pang of loneliness, of longing, wondering if he would ever come, was worth it!

Praising the Lord in their wedding ceremony!

  Anna and Ryan's first dance was to a song called, "Hundred More Years," and it fit perfectly. A few of the lyrics go like this:

"A diamond ring and twelve red roses
Everything she ever wanted
All those dreams and now they're finally here
She's so young and he's so perfect
They waited for love and it was worth it
She wants to feel like this for a hundred years"

They can dance under the moonlight; cause God is smiling down on them tonight...

  Thank you, Anna, for waiting for love! All of us who have watched you, learned from you, and been touched by your testimony here, thank you. May God shower you with joys and blessings in this new season of life you've entered into!