Friday, May 27, 2011

Pictures from "Let the Nations be Glad!"

It's taken me a while, but I finally uploaded and captioned an album of pictures from "Let the Nations be Glad!" You can see them by clicking below.

Praise God for these great memories!

Let the Nations be Glad!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Praising God for "Let the Nations be Glad!"

God did amazing things through "Let the Nations be Glad!" The dress rehearsal was a little rough, but everything went smoothly for the presentation on Friday, May 13th.

God brought many people to come and watch - the biggest crowd I've had for any dance recital. That was neat, and a lot of fun to share dance for God's glroy with many people. From grandparents to parents to siblings, to friends (even teenage guys!) it sounded like everyone enjoyed it, and were blessed by it. Praise God!

We had the ending dance party today, and I'm still sorting through more pictures to share. A mom took some wonderful close-ups of dancers that are precious, and will be fun.

As for now, already I'm registering people for fall ballet classes, and getting ready for auditions for the summer musical and play on June 6th and 7th! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

The King's Praise Ballet 2011

It always amazes me to see pictures of all my students together... It looks like such a big group, yet I know each individual by name, face, and personality. Even if I do accidentally call them the wrong name in class sometimes! ;)

God has given me 54 wonderful girls to teach with this semester. They've kept me busy, but been a joy.

To God be the glory!
Great things He has done!

Picture credit: JP Lofgren

"Set free"

"For these are the ones who've been set free by Christ..."

Picture credit: JP Lofgren

"He's got everybody here..."

"He's got everybody here in His hands..."

I love how Wee 1's dance ends. :)

Picture credit: JP Lofgren

Tri-colored Arabesques

Picture credit: JP Lofgren

Dancing with the set

The set wasn't quite finished in time to start, as the cross took longer than expected... the glue wouldn't dry, so Dad and Lydia had to sew the foam panels together. So, we had to start the rehearsal as they put the last few touches on. The girls did a great job ignoring it while they dance! :)

Picture credit: JP Lofgren

"Let His praises ring..."

"Let His praises ring throughout the earth!"

Picture credit: JP Lofgren

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dancing at MerryWood Lodge

The King's Praise Ballet shared at MerryWood Lodge (a local nursing home) this afternoon. Everyone did very well, things went smoothly, and people were blessed - praise God!

These less formal presentations are nice, because it gives performance experience to the dancers (thus they're not as nervous at the "real thing!") and it teaches them to share with and love the elderly, who can't get out much or at all, and so enjoy children coming to them.

Below are a few pictures from the afternoon. Thanks to my dad for taking them!

"Let His praises ring throughout the earth!"

These colors are so fun, and the skirts are definitely "props" as much as costumes for this dance!

Seeing young girls worship... a precious thing.

"Let all creation stand and sing!"

"He's got the whole world..."

One of these little ones was a little reluctant to go out to dance, but she did very well once she got there! It's fun to see little ones - and big ones! - overcome shyness and dance for the Lord.

"For her it was one choice to make..."

"Our brothers and sisters are paying the price..."

It was challenging to dance with a low-hanging chandelier, especially when using long ribbons! But, the girls did well at avoiding it, and nothing got tangled in it, though it did get bumped a few times. ;)

"No greater love" - a duet choreographed by students

"Ignites a candle, and makes His home..."

Other students choreographed a trio. Such joy on their faces!

In-action - fun shot!

I can't get over how pretty these colors are together! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Costumes in Class

One of my older students got some fun in-class pictures of the girls practicing in costume during picture week.

Running to their ending pose line

Leaping for fun

Swirls of white and color

Making an arch for a friend

Pretty pastels

"Let's go!"

Ruffly skirts

Monday, May 2, 2011

Come to "Let the Nations be Glad!"

It's hard to believe it's less than 2 weeks away! Please pray for many to come, and for the final preparations to go well!