Monday, June 25, 2012

"Captive Faith" process

We spent over 5 hours recording songs today for the practice CD for the musical "Captive Faith". Very thankful for Caleb and his recording equipment, volunteer singers, and the beautiful music Rachael Morton & John Rajan have composed!

Following "Unchanging" I enjoyed some much needed vacation as well as finalized the script for "Captive Faith." Following 2 late nights of editing with Rob, we declared it to be "done." First draft was completed the beginning of January, so it was a relief to be done editing on the beginning of June, 5 months later!

 We had one more read through with a group to make sure it all sounded good, then it hit the presses. Rachael (my production assistant), my sister Jubilee and I got all scripts and audition forms ready a week before auditions happened on June 19th, which was a blessing.

As always, it was hard to cast characters. We had over 60 people audition, and it was amazing how much everyone had improved. But, in the end, we made the decision and emailed the cast list.

62 are involved in the cast in some part, and rehearsals started last Thursday. It will be quite the process before everything's ready to be presented on August 3-5.

But, I'm trusting God to lead once again and bring everything together in His faithful time and way.