Friday, March 8, 2013

Costume Inventions

   This semester, The King's Praise Ballet costuming department decided to do as little inventing as possible. For "Creation's Promise," we'd had the (enjoyable) challenge of dressing girls to represent plants, birds, fish, lions, and even a snake! Not only that, but 10 out of 12 classes changed costumes at some point, even the very youngest classes! For "The Promise Fulfilled," on the other hand, we have 6 1/2 classes wearing the same costume the whole time, and there are no animals, period.

    What we did not anticipate is the 15 awesome guys who volunteered to dance for us this spring as Jesus' disciples, Roman centurions, Zaccheus, Jesus, the two thieves, and more! So, the majority of this production's sewing day was spent making and altering tunics that the guys can actually dance in without tripping, along with designing capes, vests, and other cool stuff for our more manly dancers!

And this time, I came prepared with a clipboard!

As head of the "inventions," Rachael spent quality time staring at big pieces of fabric.

This particular collage of purple has a very important role in the spring performance, but you'll just have to come watch it to find out what that is!

The serger had technical difficulties early on, but LeAnn finally got it working!
Roman soldiers wouldn't be Roman soldiers without those cool leather kilts! And a (very nice) pair of leather chaps from the thrift store was only $7! Hey! How 'bout that!

Burning holes into the leather to add ornamentation...

Besides tunics and leather kilts, the other chief project was the making of six little pink skirts for our Basic 1 class.

Ms. Amy and Kaitlin got the job done!

Measuring waistbands...

... adding elastic...

... what fun!

Oh yes, and we now have two VERY long strips of black and red cloth to "billow" up and down. Again, you'll have to come to "The Promise Fulfilled" to see what they're for...!

Hmm. I'm feeling concerned and I don't know why...

It's a conspiracy!

Ready, aim.... spray paint!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun Ballet Attire Day Wee 1 and 3

Wee 1
Wee 3

Fun Ballet Attire Day 2!

Ballet I

Basic 2

Wee 2

Fun Ballet Attire Day

Basic 1 

Ballet II-B

Ballet II-A 

Ballet III /IV

Ballet IV-B