Friday, April 27, 2012

Website Design just got a new look! Pictures and info about the 2012-2013 year has been added. Registration is now open for those classes.

Go to the site and let me know what you think!

Dancers in Daylight

Since Ballet IV takes twice/week, we used their Thursday class to take outdoor photos! It was great incentive for quick warm-ups and good, clean run-throughs of their dances.

It was so much fun! I love these girls - it's so rewarding to be a teacher!
Dancers in Daylight

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Class & Individual Portraits 2012

Ballet Portraits 2012
I've edited and uploaded so many photos today, but all the girls are so beautiful, it was a pleasure. My eyes are hurting, but it's good to have them done. Now for our final day of pictures tomorrow!

Sister Portraits 2012

Sister Portraits 2012
Click the link to see sisters dancing together for the glory of God!

Father-Daughter Portraits

Dads & Daughters 2012
Click the link to view the portraits of these great dad-daughter duos and groups!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Different class sisters

This family gets the distinction of having 4 daughters each in a different class!

Dads and Daughters Dancing!

 It's a beautiful thing when a father dances with his daughter

 She feels like a princess...

 He feels like a man most blessed.

 They make fun memories...

That will last a lifetime!

Miss Anna

Dancing with this big chiffon fabric this year, to "God of My Everything" by Bebo Norman.

It's pretty, but hard to control at times. If I just don't end up getting tangled in it during my solo, and don't fall on my face, I'll be happy. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Portraits 2012 - sneak peak

 There's nothing quite like the cuteness of a tiny ballerina!

 Three sisters, starting dance together!

More sisters - personalities come out in what colors they choose (when they have a color choice!)

It's hard to get 11 girls ages 5 & 6 to look the same way and smile together! But these girls were very sweet, and pretty patient and complying. We got a pretty good shot.

More pictures coming in the week ahead... after a long day of picture taking, I'm off to play a game and relax with family!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Practicing in class

Wee 1 tiptoes in a circle with their left hand in - they're remembering their directions well now!

Basic 2 shows their tendu devant

Ballet II's ending pose for "Faithful God"

Strong feet balancing in Ballet IV

More t-shirt fun

An arabesque rainbow

The camera settings were off for this picture, but it still shows this sweet, large class of 5-6 y/o's!

Ballet friends!

Showing off the back!

Friday, April 6, 2012

"Unchanging" flyer

What color is God?

Usually I pick a theme color for a production, but since this one is about God, I decided He was ALL colors, so we'll have a rainbow-theme!

"Unchanging" t-shirts

An amazing mom designed a t-shirt for us this year! Proceeds from them went towards the ballet roll-out floor I bought last fall.

The front has our name, plus a silhouette a dad made from a picture of me a few years ago. It's fun to now see it on a t-shirt!

The design is perfect - the back has words from the songs we're dancing to this year, each describing God.

The girls were so excited to get them, so I let them wear them in class, this week only! :)

Ballet III shows off the front and back of their shirts. Can you tell most of them had the favorite color of blue? ;)

"Unchanging" costumes

Costumes are arriving, causing great excitement! Below are pictures from Thursday's classes. One more company needs to ship theirs to me (so the final 3 classes can get theirs) then we'll be all ready for pictures and presentations!

Ballet IV has a "poofy" costume this year, but it is so pretty and very modest - all it needed was a slip.

Beautiful young ladies, inside and out!

Ballet I/A has a sweet, flowy costume, and to their delight, it's not scratchy!