Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Year

A new year is in full swing. Dance classes started back on January 9th with some new students enrolled, bringing this semester's total to 84 girls. Eighty-four lives that I'm privileged to touch and work with on a weekly basis. The number can be daunting, but 7 of my oldest girls help out with various classes, making my job less stressful. As always, it's a joy to see my older students continuing to progress, and a joy to see the younger ones discovering more of ballet.

There are definite challenges, and tiring days full of details. First I mapped out the dates for the spring and get everything printed to hand out. Then, I ordered costumes ($2500 worth!), making sure I got everyone measured and sized correctly. Having the moms come in on the first day of class to measure helped this go quickly. Through it all, and even before classes started, I've been working on choreography. So far I have 9 full and 2 half songs choreographed, bringing me half-way to the 20 total song goal.

"Unchanging" is the theme of this spring's ballet presentation, set for May 11 & 12. We'll be celebrating our Savior and each song extols different attributes of God. From lace parasols to a dad & daughter dance, I'm excited at the diversity and sweetness this one will hold.

"Captive Faith" is, Lord willing, the summer musical I'll be directing. It's the story of Naaman, with a special focus on the Israelite slave girl that was captured and served his family. It's also one I'm writing, which was a step of faith in itself, with the busy days this semester holds. But, by God's grace, I was able to complete the first draft on January 7th, just in time before dance classes started back!

Things are finally settling into somewhat of a routine for dance, so I hope to start editing the script soon. It will be a long road of typing things in, editing, typing more, and editing again. But, it's always exciting to see a script take shape. A dear friend and student is composing music, as well as my talented brother-in-law (to share the work load), so I'm excited to see how the songs will turn out as well.

I'm not sure what this year will hold for The King's Courts, beyond the two planned productions, and even those are in God's hands - only through Him will they take shape. Of course, I already have ideas for next Christmas, but nothing concrete. :)

God continues to teach me to trust Him through each year, each semester, each production. There are new challenges, but He's always shown Himself so faithful.

I am battling some tiredness this month, as the workload continues to increase. So, I'm hoping to adjust to a good schedule, and take some time for personal projects and "down time" so as to not burn out on production work. God continues to give many opportunities, and I'm seeking Him for wisdom in how to face each one.

May God be glorified through The King's Courts in 2012!