Monday, November 16, 2009

Second Rehearsal

For the first rehearsal of "Beyond Bethlehem" on November 2nd, the majority of time was spent sitting down, as we read through the script and worked on line interpretation.

The second rehearsal, on November 9th, was spent working out blocking and continuing to work on lines, expression, and the ever-present need for loud volume! Mrs. Hart took these pictures at the rehearsal and kindly shared them with me.

It's always a challenge as the director to know what to tell everyone as you help them bring their character to life. Blocking is another hard thing to figure out, but I spend time on my own and talking with my sister planning things, and then make suggestions and changes as I work with the actors.

One big challenge is making sure that the audience can see the actors while not making the actors look posed or stiff. It's something we're still working on.

It's fun to see each moment come to life as they get it! There's plenty of fun through the hard work of each rehearsal.

Our third rehearsal was this afternoon, and line by line, it's coming together... Slowly but surely.

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