Monday, January 18, 2010

A Silent Prayer

Due to the music copyright, I'm unable to upload videos of the dances that were done in "Beyond Bethlehem." However, a blogging friend still wanted to see a dance of mine, so I have uploaded the dance that opened the musical, only without any audio. The music it was done to is "Hope of Israel" by Michael W. Smith, a beautiful instrumental and moving piece. The dance isn't the same without the emotion of the music, but at least you get some idea of what it was like.

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  1. That is so beautiful!
    I loved it. Strong emotion was there even without the music!

  2. I enjoyed watching that dance.I found a one minute sample of that song so I was able to play it while watching the video.The song is a beautiful and somber one.

  3. Beautiful dance, and great control. :)