Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun Ballet Attire

Dress code for ballet class is simple and neat: pink tights and ballet shoes, black leotard and skirt. This helps keeps the class together, and makes it so there's not unnecessary things to fuss with. It also teaches them a sense of professionalism, being dressed and well put-together to take class. It helps them focus as they dance as well.

However, once a semester, I have a "fun ballet attire day" when the girls can wear different colors/styles to class if they wish to. Since it's a special day, I brought my camera along and took pictures of each class. I'm blessed with some great students!

Wee Ballet 1 - ages 4 & 5
2 girls were missing that day, but these three looked sweet!

Wee Ballet 2 - ages 5-7
Learning to stretch far, even when it doesn't feel good!

Basic Ballet 1 - ages 7-9
We had a girl from another class making up a class this day (there's usually only 4). This is my smallest class, but that's allowed me to teach them more in-depth and help each individually.

Basic Ballet 2 - ages 6-8
One of my largest classes, these girls are sweet but full of energy. It keeps me on my toes to help keep everyone focused. :)

Beginning Ballet - ages 10-14
These mostly-beginners in ballet are learning quickly!

Ballet I - 9-11
One girl was missing this day. The ages I've listed just reflect the current girls in the class - they aren't necessary the age limits.

Ballet II - ages 10-12
These girls work hard and are progressing well!

Ballet III - ages 12-15
Fun colors! :)


  1. That is very pretty! I like the yellow and green matching skirts, did you make them?
    Thank you for posting the pictures; I love seeing them : )

  2. Naomi: Yes, I made the yellow and green and purple skirts shown, for dance costumes last spring. They're half-circle skirts, easy to make, and fun to dance in.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. :)

  3. Okay, that is neat : ) Does the waist band tie together?
    I think the dance costume skirt I wear is a circle skirt, but it is much longer.

  4. The skirt closes with a zipper and button or hook in back.

  5. Okay, thanks! I love to find more ways to make skirts (Especially modest ones you can dance in) :)