Friday, November 19, 2010

Costume Fittings - Take II

Thursday's classes enjoyed trying on their costumes as well! It was fun to see the dances come more to life in the costumes the songs were choreographed for!

Teaching angels to fly...

Swirling - uh, twirling - together!

Cute and colorful

Fun with partners!

A swirl of the purple variety

Yes, the costumes were, and will be, quite enjoyed!


  1. Those costumes are all beautiful!! Did you make all of them?

  2. No, the only ones I made are the middle pictures - the colored skirts. It would take a lot of time and a lot of fabric to make the ruffled ones!

  3. I think the Flying Angel was Katherine!

  4. Oh - and Naomi, I did make some from the previous post - the maroon ones and the dark blue skirts. :)

    Natalie: Yes, the flying angel is Katherine! I tried to capture a lot of you in the air, but she's the only one I got a good picture of.

  5. Yes, that would take lots of material : ) It is so neat that something so simple as a leotard and skirt are so cute : )
    Is there a specific kind of material that you use for those skirts, or is it just whatever colors you need?

  6. Naomi: I use whatever material in the colors I want I can find inexpensively. So, the lavender is a kind of crepe, the blue is a cotton mix that was on sale, the pink is broadcloth (I think) and the green is a sheet I got at Goodwill for $2. :)

    We'll probably be adding white shirts to the skirts, since I'm not quite sure if I want black on top. :)