Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dancing at Merry Wood Lodge

The King's Praised Ballet danced at a nursing home this afternoon. The girls did a great job, and those who watched were blessed, praise God! We were missing four students due to sickness or travel (praying for a speedy recovery!), but those that came danced beautifully for the glory of God.

Scripture was read between dances, to give the true story of Christ's coming to earth.

Sweet little angels - and a big one to help.

This dance never seems to stop - couldn't get a picture of them still until the end! =)

Angels everywhere!

Touching duet portraying Mary and Joseph (danced by a father and daughter)

Fabric adds a royal touch.

You can't help but smile during this dance. :)

It's fun to make different formations using these vibrant colors.

"He made a way in a manger... to make a way to the cross."

I'm always amazed when I see pictures of my students all together, since they look like such a big group, but I know them each by name and personality. I am a very blessed teacher!

Thanks to my dad for taking these pictures, my sister for running the sound, and my mom for arranging the visit!


  1. Indeed, you are so BLESSED ! You have been a beautiful channel of The Holy Spirit, your Teacher as well Who brings His LIFE forth in such BEAUTY in these dear ones !

    The tender strength of a daddy dancing was VERY special as well.

    I wept for joy through the first one.
    PRAISE & HONOR & GLORY to Jesus, The Son of The LIVING God! Hallelu Yah !
    Love, Mom

  2. That all looks so precious : ) All the girls look so beautiful and joyful.
    You sound like a wonderful directer ; ) I'm sure the Lord was glorified through it.

    Naomi <><