Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Ballet Attire - Spring 2011

This week we had "fun ballet attire" days. Instead of wearing their regular pink tights with black leotard and skirt, students had the option to dress up a little.

Their regular, matching class attire is good to help maintain a focused atmosphere, as well as help me clearly see lines of the body to give corrections in teaching. But, it's fun to dress up sometimes too!

Note: the ages listed next to class names aren't necessarily the limitations for the class, but merely the ages of the girls I currently have in each class.

Wee Ballet 2 - Ages 4-5

I've found that using carpet mats helps them stay in their own spot when I need them to wait or do things on their own, and it also helps them not feel the cold floor in the winter months!

Wee Ballet 2 - Ages 6-7

Basic Ballet 1 - Ages 7-10

Basic Ballet 2 - Ages 6-9

Beginning Ballet - Ages 10-15

Ballet I - Ages 9-14

Ballet II - ages 10-13

Ballet III - Ages 12-16

It was a colorful week at ballet! :)

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  1. I love how Katie is right in the middle in the Ballet 3 pic...

    Sarah Jo