Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Esther" - First dress rehearsal

I'm leaving on a weekend trip tomorrow and still need to finish packing, but I couldn't resist sharing some photos from this afternoon's dress rehearsal. "Esther-Ordinary Faith" is coming together well!

We took cast pictures today, then started the first full run-through with no stops.

"Zerox the scribe" serves as part-narrator for the story

Mordecai and the "Susans" provide a lot of drama

There are so many faces involved... 55 in the cast

So many sweet faces!

Things are coming together! We have just over a week to go...

I'm trusting that God will bring the final details together for this one - He always has in the past! And, though there's much to do and I look forward to sorting more pictures, I need to finish packing. The break away will be nice too. :)

Picture credit: Robyn Clement

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  1. That all looks so beautiful! I wish I could come and see it :)