Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Choreography Complete!

Yesterday I completed the choreography for "The Coming King!" With 5 weeks until the presentation, it's good timing, too! With 17 dances total, it has been a long but fun process.

My solo was the last one I choreographed. I am portraying Mary, and dancing to "You're Here" by Francesca Battistelli. Most of the song I have a baby doll in my arms, and it can be a challenge to try to bring to life the tender love of a mother for her new child, when the child is a stiff doll and you've never been a mother yourself.

I'm no stranger to dancing with baby dolls, though. The picture above is from 2009, when I portrayed the prophetess Anna, dancing with joy with the Savior in her arms.

God truly gave grace and creativity as my solo just flowed out. It's always amazing to see God work in bringing a new dance together. We serve an awesome King!

I must admit, though, at 21 it feels a bit strange to dance around the room with a baby doll, especially if a student or parent happens to be watching. :)

Now, to practice myself, oversee my student's practice, and continue to pray that God uses "The Coming King" for His glory!


  1. He will always use the coming King for His glory, Anna! And as always, this presentation will bless many and honor and exalt Him. Thank you for using your many giftings to touch so many for Him.

  2. What a pretty song to dance to!
    Will you by chance have a video of your dance? I would love to see how you incorporate dancing with a doll.