Friday, November 23, 2012

Lions and Scrunchies and Sashes, Oh My!

A few weeks ago, several lovely ladies helped out with the sewing, gluing, and tying of costumes. When the tulle and satin settled, we were much closer to finished costumes. And we had fun along the way!

Poor Katie got assigned the thousands of tutu scrunchies. She faithfully tied strips of tulle ribbon onto hair ties for hours!

The first shot at the lion's mane was WAY too long and poofy. But it sure made for a glamorous Statue of Liberty!

Ah... that's better!

Fish pants. =)

It takes special training to run one of these... still confuses me!

Pink satin sashes for both "Creation's Promise" and Anna's wedding!

Near the end, some of the girls helped sort the costumes we'd already assembled. This is the most costumes I think we've ever had!

Seeing a costume all together makes everything worth it!


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