Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Picture Week!

Last Saturday the backdrop for "The Promise Fulfilled" was painted by some very talented artists who designed it to look like a sky. This week, "The King's Praise Ballet" and "All the King's Men" are getting their pictures taken in front of it! The backdrop and the costumes look beautiful together, and we wanted to share a few portraits with you as a sneak peek! There are too many to post them all, or we would... they turned out very well!

Every year, we take pictures of sisters who dance together. This year, the brothers are getting involved, too!


Simply precious!

Four sisters dancing together!
Floating in the clouds...
These costumes turned out SO dainty and angelic! The girls all look lovely in them!

The "characters" in a dance about people who found healing and freedom at Jesus' feet.

This costume has more ribbons than any other that I can remember!
And it looks so pretty when the girls twirl around!
There are two more days of classes left this week... stay tuned for more pictures! And don't forget to come see all these lovely (and handsome!) dancers in "The Promise Fulfilled" on April 26 at 7 PM and April 27 at 4 PM!
Picture credit: JP Lofgren and Katie Abbott

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