Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sewing Costumes

Thanks to all of the costumes we sewed last summer, I don't have as many to make this time. However, there are still some extras we needed, and some little details to add for each character. I had to make a few more tunics, and found 7 great sheets and costumes for $9 at Goodwill. You certainly can't beat that price for material!

Two weeks ago I spent around 11 hours over the weekend sewing. Since then, I've worked on bits and pieces here and there, but haven't had as much time to devote to it. This weekend, I'm looking into sewing a lot again, for next week is our first dress rehearsal and ballet presentation at a nursing home! I really enjoy the sewing - it's relaxing and rewarding - but it does take a bit of time. Thankfully, there's not too many things to finish. It will just take some persistence and time.

One fun thing I've enjoyed making for this musical is hats. I feel like quite the milliner. =) A bit of satin, ribbon, and cardboard turns into a kingly turban for a wise man, while some muslin turns into the perfect shepherd's hat. There's also been quite a few sashes and head coverings to craft. For the wise men's "daughters" (dancers for the song), I ordered some beautiful purple, ruffly dresses. However, two of the dresses turned out way too long, so I've had to hem them by hand. One of them is completed, and I have the other to go. It's a challenge, taking up yards and yards of ruffle...

The spot I work often isn't the neatest. Shocking, I know. ;) It gets the job done, though!

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