Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorting Pictures

I've been sorting a lot of pictures today, between yesterday's dance class pictures, presentation at Prattville Health and Rehab, cast pictures, and first dress rehearsal.

My friend Samantha Brooks, kindly took the ones during dress rehearsal, and I'll be uploading more of those as time goes on. The two below I couldn't resist sharing now, however.

It's always neat when you find a picture that has almost everyone in the air!

This one was just so sweet; a Daddy about to pick his daughter up to spin her around.

Photo Credit: Samantha Brooks


  1. they were a lot of fun to take! i'm sorry there's so many, i get carried away lol

  2. Thanks for taking them! I enjoyed all of them - don't apologize about the number! It may take a while to sort through, but you're guaranteed to find good ones! Thanks for using your talent and helping out.