Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ballet Portraits Sneak Peak

Yesterday my mom and dad helped me set up the backdrop for this spring's ballet portraits. It was fun to see ideas I had in my head translate into a beautiful setting for pictures. The backdrop is the same basically for each class, using a lattice, tulle, fake greenery, and columns on the edges. Each class gets some other colored fabric or tulle added as well, to give their pictures a special identity.

Today the first two classes had theirs taken by my dad. Below is a sneak peak at how they're turning out.

Each class gets a group shot

Each individual dancer gets a special portrait.

Sisters who take dance get a special memory photo.

So sweet!

It was fun to see them all dressed up in their costumes too. It's been a lot of work, but things are coming together!


  1. Anna,
    These costumes are incredible! Amazing! So professional-looking. I can't wait to see the program.

  2. These are, indeed, "garments of PRAISE" for the spirit of heaviness that so many carry around today ! It was fun to see the girls enjoy the colorful beauty of the outfits. Colors seem to have a VOICE of their own !
    God has blessed you with beautiful creativity in creating the dark blue "gilded" outfits as well. PRAISE YAHWEH ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST, The Son of The LIVING GOD !
    Love and prayers, Mom