Friday, July 8, 2011

Casts Old and New

This isn't the first time I've directed "Esther-Ordinary Faith." In fact, it was the first musical I directed, 6 years ago when I was 15 years old. Little did I know what that first production would start...

The first time, I played the part of Esther. We also have a few people in this production that were also in the first one. So, we thought it would be fun to get a picture with the old and new casts together.

Those with old and new cast pictured:

Zerox: Caleb/Daniel (Caleb plays Xerxes in this one!)
Mordecai: JP/Phil
Guard: Jubilee/Noah and Graeson
Suzie: Esther/Josie
Sue: Natalie/Allison

It's been fun to re-do my directing of "Esther" - keeping some things the same, and changing others. It definitely grew... My first cast only had 15 people total. This time around, we have a cast of 55.

Praise God for memories both old and new!

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