Saturday, July 9, 2011

Zerox the scribe

Going into auditions, the character I knew we'd have a hard time casting was the part of Zerox the scribe. He's in almost every scene, doubling as a fun narrator, and so has the most lines as well as two solos. Most boys aren't confident in singing, so I knew that would probably lessen the number that would try out.

Daniel found out he'd be able to audition for "Esther-Ordinary Faith" last minute, but I'm so glad he did! When he read the part for us, we realized he'd be a natural. Plus, he could sing well!

He's done so well, taking on the challenge of the role, acting like he's recording all the action while remembering all the lines he had to memorize.

The parts where he reacts to what Haman is doing are some of my favorites.

His expressions are great!

His relationship with Mordecai is fun to watch, as the older mentors and teaches the younger.

And in the end, Zerox learns to have faith like Esther.

Great job, Daniel! It's been such fun having you in this production!

Picture credit: Robyn Clement and JP Lofgren

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  1. Yea, Daniel! great job bringing the journey to faith alive :-)