Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun Ballet Attire (Monday)

For class, girls are required to wear black leos & skirts, pink tights & ballet shoes. It helps keep things professional and not distracting.

However, once/semester, we have "fun ballet attire day" and the girls get to dress up for class! It's fun to see what they choose! :)

Wee 3
(one girl was gone)

They all chose something to wear from my supply, and evidently purple and red were the favorite colors of this class!

Basic 1 with Miss Rachael
(one girl was gone)

This class is a challenge, with beginners from age 5 through 11. But, they're doing well and it's fun to see them learning ballet for the first time. My assistants for the class (Rachael and Jubilee switch off each week) are very helpful!

Wee 2 with Miss Anna
(three girls were gone)

At this age, most every little one wants to be a princess and/or ballerina. :) With 10 girls ages 5-6 in the class, they can be a handful (Jubilee/Rachael are again invaluable assistants!) but they're also sweet and exuberant in their enjoyment of dance.

Ballet I/B
(two girls were gone)

This class had a dance party before class, made cookies and crafts (and brought me some!) and got dressed up together. It's fun to see students becoming fast friends with their classmates!

It will be fun to see what the classes come up with on Tuesday and Thursday! :)

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