Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Ballet Attire (Thursday)

Final day of "Fun ballet attire" for the fall was yesterday!

Ballet IV

Taking two days/week now, they were happy to be able to wear fun ballet again!

The girls got this idea of a pose a while ago, and decided to try it out. They come up with creative ideas and make class fun!

It's a cool class. :)

Actually, they're wearing these glasses for one of their angel dances. I know, angles in sunglasses?? You'll have to come to "The Coming King" to see where it fits. ;)

Ballet I/A with Miss Rachael

I've taught many of these girls since they were 4 or 5, and now at ages 8-10, it's fun to see how they're really improving and growing in ballet this year!

Ballet III

These girls are working hard with the challenges I continue to give them in their dances this year!

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