Thursday, May 3, 2012

Presentation at Charlton Place

 In the first of 5 presentations of at least parts of "Unchanging" (at 2 nursing homes, a church evening service, and 2 full presentations) part of my students and danced at Charlton Place this afternoon. 

 "Who can fathom all His wondrous deeds?"

 Quite a few Wee ballerinas were out sick, but those that were there did a great job!

"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

 Radiant smiles! They did such a good job!

 4 sisters danced together... too sweet!

 "What a privilege to carry everything to God..."

 "In prayer!"

 "When you move, I'll move!"

 Girls watching others dance from the hallway... too cute. :)

 Dresses are so pretty when they twirl!

 "In all creation you call my name..."

 "We sing hallelujah, we worship the Lord!"

 "God is love!"

"What can stand against?"

The girls did a great job, and as I hugged the residents that came and watched, time and again I heard "It was so pretty." "You have a gift - thank you for using it." 

To God be the glory!

(thanks to Robyn Clement for taking these beautiful photos!)

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