Sunday, May 6, 2012

Presenting at Holtville Riverside Baptist

 The father of 3 students of mine pastors Holtville Riverside Baptist Church and invited us to share dances there on Sunday evening, May 6th. 

 2 friends who attend this church

 The advantage of owning a roll-out dance floor is that we can bring it to places like this, giving us a good surface to dance on.

 I'm learning to manipulate this huge piece of fabric better each time I do it. ;)

 Spinning umbrellas are such fun!

 We were missing some people from each class that came (busy schedules!) but the girls did well adjusting.

 The costumes even matched the backdrop that was already set up in the fellowship hall, where we danced to give more "stage" space.

We pray it was a blessing to all who were there. It's fun to have opportunities to share dance in new places. One woman told me - "It was so beautiful. I've never seen dance used in this way, for God's glory."

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  1. It WAS a wonderful blessing ! The pastor shared Psalm 150 and spoke of living life for God's Glory: a theme of The King's Praise Ballet !

    I enjoyed it so very much !


    Love, Mom