Friday, September 21, 2012

For Such a Time As This

         This song has a special place in my heart. It has been used in both “King’s Theatre” presentations of “Esther-Ordinary Faith,” the first production Anna directed back in 2005, along with the more recent performance last summer. (In fact, the picture at the top of this blog is from last summer's version of "Esther.") In the musical, Esther dances to or sings the song as she contemplates the task ahead of her… the task that only she can complete. Over the last 7 years since the first “Esther-Ordinary Faith” production, that song has challenged me every time I take a moment to think about it.

“Now, all I have is now
To be faithful, to be holy
And to shine, lighting up the darkness
Right now I really have no choice
But to voice the truth to the nations
a generation looking for God!

For such a time as this/ I was placed upon the earth
To hear the voice of God/ and do His will, whatever it is.
For such a time as this/ for now and all the days He gives
I am here! I am here! And I am his/ For such a time as this
Can’t change what’s happened till now
But we can change what will be
By living holiness
So that the world may see Jesus!”

         Right now, God has placed me in the position to help administrate some of "The King's Praise Ballet" as Anna "moves on". Along with about 6 other girls, I face the task of replacing my amazing teacher and director. We have many varied interests and goals for our lives, from missions to film-making to music to college...but right now, God has put us here. Right now, our duty is to be the best teachers, choreographers, seamstresses, administrators,  and washers of mirrors that we can be. It's been amazing to see how for each task, there was someone perfectly suited for and trained in that area. (Aside from the mirror washing. That just sort of happens as it happens.)

        We're all still in high school. We all still have things to learn. For me, humility, gentleness, and time management are areas that need work. But as we go about our tasks, as we face challenges in teaching 4 year olds, or struggle to keep our priorities straight so we have time to choreograph, God teaches us to depend on Him for our strength, to please Him in the smallest, most tedious, or uninteresting detail.
      For such a time as this, He has placed me here. He has given me responsibilities and duties and opportunities to glorify Him. I often forget that. I often forget that the everyday things, even sweeping the kitchen floor and solving physics problems so I can get on to "more important things", are important. God's will for me is to do everything as if I were doing it for Him. That doesn't just go for the final ballet performances, or playing music durng my church service. That means everything, every moment, right now.

    Jesus said, "As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent Me. Night is coming when no one can work." (John 9:4)

    I have a limited number of days. I don't know when my time is up. "Now...all I have is now." I know what my job is. I know what I need to do, right now. My choice is either to do it, and do it for God, or to miss the opportunities He's given me.

    Where has He placed you? Are you His? Are you ready and willing to do His will, whatever it is? He has placed you exactly where you are with the gifts and abilities you have, for such a time as this.


  1. So well said, Natalie. Great post and great reminder. (Trust me, God knows I need Him to constantly remind me of His truths.) Thank you for sharing this blessing with us. :)

  2. Well said, Natalie ! You all can count on my prayers.

    Love, Anna's mom

  3. Ms. Tina, I'm glad it encouraged you! I was mainly thinking of people around my age when I wrote it, but I guess God's truth applies and convicts regardless of age! And Ms. Victoria... thank you for praying! -Natalie