Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Him I Am

Alone I am nothing but a lump of clay;
In Christ I am fashioned, molded day by day.

On my own, I'm finite, not enough for a task;
In Him I have strength - never will I lack.

Apart from Him I worry, get tired and overwhelmed.
In Him I rest secure, by His love compelled.

My motive for working is based in His work done.
It's not my skill or merit - apart from Him, there's none.

So I can live and do, and yet in Him just be.
And when others see what's done, I pray they see Christ, not me.

To Him belongs the power, priority and praise.
So I rest and leave the "how's" to Him, as in prayer I raise...

"Grant time, grant peace, give guidance, strength and much wisdom.
Be Lord of all the details; Holy Spirit, come.

Have Your way in me, in this, in all that is ahead.
I trust You to continue, as You've always faithful led."

Praying through details about dance classes and workshops, and how to transition to other teachers & leaders (as I'll be getting married in January and moving away!), I was starting to feel overwhelmed again last night... But God reminded me that I need to keep trusting Him; He's in control. He WILL faithfully lead as I take one step at a time.

We serve an Awesome God!

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