Monday, December 10, 2012

"Creation's Promise" at Charlton Place

 On Thursday, about half of the classes presented their dances at Charlton Place. It's always challenging to adjust to a different performance space (especially when you're using flags and the ceilings are low and there's a light fixture to watch out for) but it's a blessing to hear from residents afterwards again and again how they SO enjoyed it. Such a priviledge to show God's love through dance!

It's also a great "first performance" atmosphere! :)

Preparing for "Bring Us Home"

Having fun with "Joshua Fought the Battle" - upbeat and smiles!

3 of the girls in Wee 1 were sick, but the one that could come did well with the helpers! Please pray for all the dancers who are sick that they recover quickly and no one else gets sick this week!

It's been fun having guys fill in parts needed - here's "Daniel"!

"Born for This" ending pose

I'm enjoying playing Mary one more time... "I'm just a girl, nothing more; but I am willing; I am Yours"

"Can you see the wise men, a star to guide them, searching all the earth?"

"So Lamb of God, I offer me"

Preparing to proclaim that "Jesus is Alive!"
Picture credit: Silvia P.

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