Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Creation's Promise" at Merrwood Lodge

 Despite the chandelier, which is always something to watch out for in leaps or with ribbons, MerryWood Lodge is always a very welcoming place to dance. The enthusiastic events coordinator is very encouraging each time we come.

Heavy rain and a tornado watch made us delay the presentation by 15 minutes, but God allowed many girls to come and dance beautifully for Him!

"Tell ol' Pharaoh, Let My people go!"

Swirls of white and purple for a song about David

Swirling skirts are always fun!

"Praise Ye the Lord - His mercy endures forever and ever!"

"He cried ' O bones, O bones a walkin'" (from "Ezekiel Saw da Wheel!")

Swirls of purple and blue

Celebrating Jesus after building His genealogy through "Matthew's Begats"

"Christ the Lord the newborn King!"

Developpes are a big part of "How Suddenly a Baby Cries" :)
Picture credit: J.P. Lofgren - and thanks to the mom who let us borrow her camera!

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