Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Story of The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover in Pictures

An album of pictures from the dress rehearsals of "The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover" has been created. You can view them by going here. The pictures are in chronological order and give some of the story line through the captions.

"The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover" was a wonderful musical to produce. It was full of fun, excitement, and excellent themes that glorified God. Everyone who was a part of it - actors from the age of 5 to 58 - really enjoyed working on it! It was fun to see how everything turned out, from the inspiration God gave me to trying to bring those images in my mind out in the actors on stage.

I didn't follow the production notes exactly as they were suggested. I used Biblical costuming and settings instead of the modern ones suggested, and I slightly altered and added a few lines. If you are interested in doing it and would like to hear specific ideas I had, feel free to contact me.

If you are looking for a fun musical for all ages, this one with the powerful story of Nehemiah is a great one to try! Your cast will have a great time, and the audience will really enjoy it. We had some people who even came all three nights because they liked it so much!

You can get more info about the musical here at Brentwood Benson. I was able to find and order the books and CDs from MusiChristian for a less expensive price, but their shipping took quite a while, so it was a good thing I ordered things early.

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