Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Cord of Courage - Auditions

Tuesday, July 6th was auditions for "The Cord of Courage." 23 families (55 actors) showed up, which was more than I expected! I'd planned for 19 families, but had thankfully printed extra forms and guidelines, though still not quite enough for everyone.

It was a busy and long evening, trying to organize that many people! We went over the production schedule and guidelines, had each family introduce themselves, and played a warm-up game.

Then it was into auditions. It was so hard to decide who should be which character, for there were so many to choose from (girls especially)! I lost a lot of sleep and went through a lot of turmoil trying to decide late that night and the next day. Thankfully, Mr. Rob (assistant director) and Miriam (vocal director) gave valuable input.

The cast is now decided, and the first rehearsal is this afternoon. It's been a hard start-up, with so many details to sort through, but I'm praying for God's peace and strength during this entire process. The presentations on August 13-15 will be here before we know it!

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