Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pictures from "Life in 10 Minutes"

Last night was a great evening of drama as we presented "Life in 10 Minutes!" A fair-sized group came out on this Friday summer evening. Many mentioned how blessed and encouraged they were, and everyone enjoyed themselves, even staying past 10 PM at the reception.

The four oldest in this sibling set presented speeches they'd used in competition for NCFCA this spring.

Ben (age 18) presented a dramatic interpretive and open original speech, Emily (age 16) a dramatic interpretive and persuasive speech, Katelyn (age 13) a thematic speech, and Bethany (age 8) a humorous speech.

Miriam and I presented "Family and Friends" written by Dee Sand. She portrayed Mary, and I, Martha, in this powerful double monologue contrasting the two sisters.

It was a great group of actors and storytellers! In addition to what's mentioned above, Rob Pace and Kevin and Candi Morton shared a monologue/skit humorously looking at what a "perfect Christian" should (or shouldn't) be like, and my dad told stories from growing up as a missionary child in Africa.

Praise God for bringing this great evening together! It was definitely the easiest production I've put together... no rehearsal as a group - just making sure the building's reserved, schedule confirmed, programs printed, and that each one knew when to present.

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun!!! Glad it went well!!! Wish I could have seen it!! I've heard that it was really good :)!