Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cord of Courage - Rahab's House

Fountain of Grace has a baptistery built on a higher level above the stage, with a fairly wide opening. This was what I saw in the first picture idea in my head for this musical - Rahab's house in the baptistery area.

There were many things to figure out to make it work, though. My dad and others have been wonderful in making my ideas a reality. Dad built a floor over the baptistery, a ledge to make sure no one fell out, and also worked out the logistics of how to support the rope by which the spies are let out of the window.

Meanwhile, the actors are doing a great job bringing the characters to life in the house. From a bossy mother to a sweet younger sister, Rahab's house is a fun place to act!

They all hear a common correction, though: scoot closer together! Sitting on the sides of the sanctuary, it is harder to see the actors in the house. So, they have to get comfortable standing fairly close together!

Picture credits: Lavonne and Caleb Hart

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