Monday, August 23, 2010

Pictures from "The Cord of Courage"

"The Cord of Courage" had it's final presentation night a week ago Sunday, but I've neglected this blog since then! Last week was spent trying to get the DVDs made - I kept running into unexpected errors. Thankfully, through by dad's help and with friends offering to make copies for me, the DVDs are nearly completed.

I've made a Picasa album of pictures from the dress rehearsals, that somewhat share the plot of "The Cord of Courage." I had quite a few people share pictures with me, and they got some great shots. You can see the album by clicking here. Enjoy!

And, praise God, the walls did fall every presentation night! We had a few snags with the clothesline getting caught, but those orchestrating the fall worked quickly to get it uncaught, and it flowed smoothly. The audience enjoyed it, and I heard a few comments about how neat it was that the musical had "special effects" as well! :)

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