Friday, August 13, 2010

"We Get to be spies!"

Salmon and Eli, the spies sent to survey Jericho, are quite different personalities, which leads to a lot of fun. The actors, Ben and Sullivan, have done a great job playing off of each other!

Eli: "We get to be spies! I've been dreamin' about this my whole life!"

Salmon: "Remember what happened the last time spies were sent out... and remember: we are to blend in."

Will they blend in? Come and see!

Picture credit: JP Lofgren


  1. I must say, I am continually amazed by all that God has done through the Lofgrens, Harts, and Simons (plus all the other actors and contributers to your work). You are always shocking people with your professional productions. I sure wish I could attend them all, because they are amazing!

    Keep it up, because God is working!

  2. Chrystianna, thanks for your encouraging comment! I am also amazed what God has done with the productions. They're far bigger than I ever imagined - but our God is big! Thanks for your encouragement!