Friday, April 22, 2011

Costume "editing"

It's hard to find costumes, especially for older girls, that are modest. So, I often have to get creative, ordering a pretty but not too expensive costume that can be "edited." Often I add leotards or skirts underneath, depending on what the costume needs.

However, I try to find costumes that won't need too many alterations, as the costs and time add up if fixing multiple ones for a class.

With my solo, though, I could be more creative, since I only had to edit one. So, I ordered this dress, and added a maroon leotard, white chiffon fabric drape (to cover spaghetti straps and low neck), white skirt (since the dress was see-through - thankfully I already had this skirt from a previous costume), and a maroon sash (since the dress has an empire waist, and looked funny seeing the skirt waistband show through).

A bit of work, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. The dress works perfectly for my solo, danced to "The Faithful" by Steve Green, and representing China in "Let the Nations be Glad!"

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