Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday ballet portraits

Portraits turned out well from Thursday classes! Again, I had costumes arrive at the very last minute (after being back ordered and then shipped overnight express), but they came in time for pictures. So, praise God!

My dad was so kind to spend another afternoon taking pictures in between us practicing dances.

Country: Ireland

Ballet III got creative with poses!

We added their black class leo and skirt under this one, but it worked well, and didn't cost extra!

Country: Mexico

This costume is so cute! Works very well for the song "Cristo Me Ama" ("Jesus Loves Me" in Spanish)

Country: France

The pastel colors are so pretty together! The blue costumes were the last to arrive, 30 minutes after this class started. We were all so grateful when they came!

We added the colored leotards underneath for modesty, but even though they're from a different company than the costume, they matched perfectly!

Sister pictures are also so sweet. I love how these sisters are making each other laugh. :)

More sisters! Not all sister pictures fit together as well due to different colored costumes, but these three looked perfect together!

You can see more pictures in a Picasa album by clicking here.

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