Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday Ballet Portraits

Pictures went well during classes yesterday! The girls all look beautiful, and it's fun to see the costumes turn out!

Country: Canada

After preparing myself for the worst (usually costumes turn out much skimpier in reality than they look in pictures) I was pleased to find these needed very little alteration - just a little take-in at the neck to help it not gape. No slips or other additions needed!

Country: Philippines

When I saw these costumes in the catalog, I new I wanted to get them if possible. No alterations, and so many beautiful colors together!

Country: South Korea

These costumes are just plain fun! Sequins and ruffles are cute on little girls!

Country: Russia

Girls in these costumes made it feel like we'd stepped into a winter wonderland.

We added the white leos underneath for modesty, but I found them on clearance, which was nice!

Country: Austria

Little 4-year-old students are so adorable!

Sister pictures are fun. I currently have 12 families with two or more daughters taking dance. It's fun to make it a family activity.

You can see more pictures in a Picasa album by clicking here.

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