Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making a picture backdrop

Next week is picture week at The King's Praise Ballet! My dad takes the pictures so that we can offer them at a very affordable price for families. Wanting a more professional backdrop this time, though, I brainstormed with an artist from my church, and am excited what God brought together!

Looking online, picture backdrops cost $100 or more. Not wanting to spend that money, I instead went to the Salvation Army store and found 5 sheets for $1 each. Can't beat that! :) Then, it was to start painting.

Dad rigged up the backdrop against plastic against the side of our house. It was nice to stand and paint, but we weren't sure how to paint, and ended up wetting the sheet, which then made the paint run. So, the first attempt didn't work quite like we wanted... It also faded a lot, since we'd watered down the acrylic paint.

A few days later we set to work again, this time laying the sheet down flat on plastic on our basketball court. It worked much better, once we figured out what to do. :) It was fun smearing the paint together!

Testing out the backdrop for a picture in my room meant we couldn't spread it out fully. Plus, I'm not exactly in ballet clothes, so the actual ballet portraits will look much better!

It definitely gives the cloud effect, though! It will work quite nicely with our "nations / world" theme for this year's recital!


  1. Love it!! it's really pretty!

  2. wow! it is wonderful! Thank you for all the work you, your family, and friend from church did for us!