Thursday, April 14, 2011

Green = Monkeys

I never thought I'd be teaching my ballet students to act like monkeys...


You'll have to come to "Let the Nations be Glad!" on May 13th to find out what it means! :)



Photo credit: The Paces


  1. That looks like a very exciting dance!
    Did you make the skirts? If so, what kind of material are the skirts made of?
    Do you ever film any of your dances?

  2. Naomi: It is a fun dance! We're dancing to "O Sifuni Mungu" by First Call. It quickly became the favorite dance this year.

    I didn't make the skirts, but ordered them online at this website:

    I do film the dances, but don't think I can distribute copies or upload them due to the fact that the music is copyrighted. Wish I could share them that way, though!

  3. I listened to "O Sifuni Mungu", it is a very fun song!
    I had never heard of that website, thanks for sharing it!
    Oh, okay, I wish I could see how you choreographed it too!
    Thanks for sharing and aswering my questions!